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Spare Parts To Keep Around For Your New Tractor


If you've recently purchased a new tractor for your farm or any other kind of business, you are likely looking forward to heading outside and seeing what your new vehicle or equipment can do. But while your tractor may be brand new, it's still a good idea to stock up on tractor parts because you never know when you might need to fix something in a pinch. Here are just some of the potential tractor parts you might want to look into acquiring sooner rather than later so you can be prepared for future maintenance or potential repairs.

Stock Up on Light Bulbs to Ensure You Notice Safety Warnings and Can See a Safe Path Ahead

Your tractor may have light bulbs in the front in order to illuminate your path, but there could also be additional light bulbs of varying sizes throughout the vehicle. Some bulbs may be especially small and designed as warning lights for various features or functions on the tractors. Other lighting may be designed to ensure that your tractor can be seen clearly by others if you ever have to drive your tractor out onto a public road for any reason. Stock up on a couple of extra bulbs for every possible need so you never have to worry about fumbling around in the dark.

Your Tractor Has Filters for Lots of Different Things

It's important to keep dirt and grime out of your tractor's machinery, and that can be hard to do considering that many tractors are driven right through the dirt on a daily basis. In addition to the obvious parts like a new oil filter, you may also want to see if your new tractor has a fuel filter, hydraulic filter, air filter, or any other kind of filter that might need to be replaced from time to time during normal maintenance. Keeping dust and grime out of your tractor's working parts or important liquids like oil and fuel will help expand the lifespan of your new vehicle.

One Bad Belt, Fuse, or Joint Can Bring the Entire Operation to a Halt

Just like a car, your tractor likely has a variety of belts and other parts like fuses under the hood that keep power moving to where it needs to go. A tractor's belts, fuses, and other delicate parts can experience more wear and tear thanks to driving the tractor across bumpy soil. Keep an eye on all parts under the hood and have a few spares ready to go so you don't ever lose an entire day of work because you have to drive to a parts store while your broken down tractor remains in the middle of a field. 

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25 February 2022