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Points to Consider When Upgrading Your Facility's Overhead Doors


Are you a decision-maker for an industrial property? If so, you likely know the importance of making sure that the overhead doors on the property are fully functional. This is more than a matter of non-working doors interfering with productivity. Faulty doors can also pose safety concerns. At some point, all industrial properties will need to upgrade their doors. It is important to know what to keep in mind when it is time to select new doors for your property.

Type of Industrial Environment

The type of industrial business you have will determine if special doors are needed. Noisy environments may benefit from the installation of doors that have soundproof and noise reduction qualities. If your facility handles products that are sensitive to temperature, you will need to invest in doors that have climate-control features. These doors come equipped with insulation to ensure that the required indoor temperatures are maintained. Facilities located in areas that are prone to seasonal severe weather can benefit from the installation of water and wind-resistant doors.  

Average Need to Open and Close

Getting new overhead doors for your facility is an investment. This is why you should aim to choose the most durable doors based on your usage. Many facilities do not have to regularly open and close their doors. This means that they likely will not require special features. Their doors may last longer. Facilities that operate 24/7 may rarely or never close their doors. This minimal operation can result in longer-lasting doors as long as the doors get serviced.


Ideally, you should have specific staff members that are allowed to control the overhead doors in your facility. This ensures safety and security. One way to achieve this is to choose doors that require remotes to operate. Security can be further enhanced by installing CCTV cameras in loading dock areas. Proper security can protect your facility against theft, and it can also ensure safety. If employees are not following loading dock rules, you will have a way to identify the infractions.

An overhead door supply company can help you to select the correct type of doors and may be able to assist with installations. The company may also be able to expect existing doors to determine whether they need repairs or upgrading. They can also explain enhanced features that are available for today's overhead doors if your current doors are outdated. For more information, contact an overhead door company near you to learn more.


22 July 2021