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3 Reasons To Invest In A Warehouse Pedestrian Detection System


Forklifts and other heavy machinery are used to increase the efficiency of modern warehouses. Pairing these large pieces of equipment with pedestrians walking around the warehouse could be a recipe for disaster.

It's essential that you take steps to protect workers in your warehouse from the threat of a collision.

Pedestrian detection systems are reliable and convenient safety products that can help you achieve this goal. Investing in one of these detection systems will help you improve your warehouse's safety over time.

1. Enhance Safety

The primary reason to add a pedestrian detection system to your warehouse is to enhance the overall safety of the space. It isn't easy for forklift operators to spot workers moving throughout a warehouse. The sound of the forklift coupled with the blind spots created during operation make it too easy for a forklift operator to back into someone by accident.

A pedestrian detection system is designed to alert operators to the presence of people within their work area. This awareness allows forklift operators to take extra precautions and avoid any potentially fatal collisions while maneuvering through a warehouse.

2. Reduce Insurance Costs

The installation of a warehouse pedestrian detection system in your facility has the potential to reduce your insurance premium costs over time.

Liability insurance policies are designed to protect your business against financial devastation in the event of an accident. Insurance agents typically evaluate the risk of accident or injury in a warehouse when determining the cost of providing coverage. The higher the risk, the more expensive an insurance policy will be.

Having a pedestrian detection system installed in your warehouse significantly reduces risk, which can result in more affordable insurance coverage for your warehouse in the future.

3. Retain Skilled Workers

Skilled workers are essential to the overall productivity of your warehouse. Retaining skilled workers can sometimes be a challenge, but having a pedestrian detection system installed in your warehouse can help you keep quality workers on your payroll.

The money spent on a pedestrian detection system is an investment in the safety of your warehouse workers. Skilled employees recognize this investment and often view it as an indication that they are important to your business.

Workers are more likely to remain employed with a company they feel is invested in their personal well-being. By installing a pedestrian detection system in your warehouse, you could reduce your employee turnover rate and retain more skilled workers over time.

Contact a company that sells warehouse pedestrian detection systems to learn more.


12 April 2021