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Tractor Maintenance Tips That Can Keep Farmers Out Of Trouble


If you're heavily reliant on a tractor around a farm, then you need to value this equipment with high-quality maintenance. Then parts and systems will work like they're supposed to long-term. You can attain this with the right approach to tractor maintenance. 

Drain Fuel Tank When Tractor Goes Inactive For a While

If you have a period where your tractor is going to be inactive for a while, such as during the colder season, then you want to drain the fuel tank completely. This lets you keep condensation from building up in the engine, which would be devastating in terms of the repairs that would come up later.

Draining the fuel tank during off periods will keep the engine in pristine condition, and this is ideal because the engine is perhaps the most important component on your tractor to care for.

Inspect Belts Regularly

Regardless of what type of tractor you use on a farm, there are belts that keep moving parts working like they're supposed to. You want to look these belts over as often as you can so that if there are things like cracking or tears, you can intervene before using the tractor again and keep major damage from happening. 

Performing this inspection won't take you long, but there are particular problems you want to look for. These include belt slippage, lacerations, and rotting. Any time you find these problems, take the belts off and see what can be done to restore their condition. You also may have to replace them if the damage is too severe.

Wash Parts After Dirt Buildup 

After you get done using your tractor, chances are it will be pretty dirty. You may have gone through dirt roads, crops, and all kinds of brush. Although tractors can get dirty and still work fine, you don't want to leave your tractor in this condition for too long.

If you did, things like dirt and debris can build up on parts and start affecting how they work. You thus want to wash your tractor as regularly as you can. That can keep parts working optimally and your tractor won't look as worn down. 

Farms need working tractors to complete important duties, such as cultivating crops and moving large machinery. If you have a tractor and put a lot of energy into taking care of its systems, then it will be a lot easier to maximize its life expectancy.

To learn more, contact a local farming equipment supplier.


7 January 2021