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Bakery Restaurant Equipment: Which Items Are Must-Haves?


Operating a bakery requires amazing recipes, fresh ingredients, and the right equipment to make those delicious baked goods. If opening a bakery is a dream that you would like to pursue and you are getting even closer to opening up shop, be sure to get specific equipment that will help you produce assorted treats. These treats include freshly baked dinner rolls, sweet bread, muffins, cookies, cakes, and more. The commercial kitchen equipment works quickly and efficiently to help you make all the baked goods your bakery will offer.

Commercial Stand Mixer

A commercial stand mixer will get plenty of use in your bakery. Unlike a traditional stand mixer that you would use at home when baking something for the family, a commercial stand mixer is much larger, with enough space for you to double or triple different recipes to make large batches of various baked goods. Other variations of these mixers exist, including options with multiple speed motors, bowl guards that can protect you and your workers when using the equipment, and strong motors that last a long time, even when you use the equipment multiple times per day. If you are going to run a bakery, you need a commercial stand mixer.

Immersion Blender

When you need to make fresh purees for some of the treats that you will offer in your bakery, you should have a commercial immersion blender available to use. An immersion blender is a handheld device that looks a lot like a massive wand. You would hold it in your hand and mix it around in a bowl with the ingredients you are using to create fresh purees instead of using premade canned purees in your baked goods. The immersion blender works to quickly mash and blend the ingredients until they reach the consistency that you prefer to have in a puree. While household immersion blenders are available, they cannot withstand constant use the way that the commercial options can, and they do not work nearly as fast as the commercial options will.

Commercial Food Processor

A commercial food processor is an essential piece of restaurant equipment needed in any bakery. It does a great job of crushing cookies to create crumbs that you might want to use to make homemade pie crusts or add on top of a cake. Aside from crushing cookies, you can use the food processor to help you prepare the batter for a cake and grind assorted fruits that you might plan to put into or on some of your baked treats. The right commercial food processor keeps all the liquid inside to prevent leaks while helping you chop and grind different ingredients down to the perfect consistency. Depending on the type you decide to buy, it might come with various blades that you can switch out based on what you are putting into the food processor at that moment.

When following a dream that you have always had to open a bakery and sell delicious treats to the public, you need to think about the equipment you should have inside the building to help prepare various treats. Getting high-quality commercial kitchen equipment enables you to save time while making more food for offering to customers who will visit the bakery for tasty treats. Some of the most important commercial kitchen equipment to get for a bakery include a commercial stand mixer, immersion blender, and food processor. While there is other equipment you will eventually need to buy and use, these are three must-have items that you will likely need to use in your bakery each day. Get a good look at your options and get all the details on the equipment features before you start selecting which items to buy.


4 November 2020