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3 Practical Safety Benefits Of Emergency Stop-And-Start Controls For A Work Site


If your company works with machinery that involves a lot of inherent risk, it's important to develop a safe work environment so that injuries aren't a regular occurrence. One type of machine control safety device that can help you bring safety to the work environment is an emergency stop-and-start control system. It comes with so many practical safety advantages. 

Quick Disengagement

There may be a time when an employee is working and accidentally gets caught up in the machinery they're using at the time. When this happens, you need to respond as quickly as possible before serious and potentially life-threatening injuries result.

That's what emergency stop-and-start controls are for. The moment something goes wrong with a machine, you can press a corresponding stop-and-start button to quickly disengage that machine. It won't continue moving and causing that employee further injury. Even if you never need to actually use this safety feature, it's a lot better to have these switches set up as a precaution. 

Illuminated Design

During a severe work incident that involves potential work-related injuries, you need to know exactly where the stop-and-start emergency switch is. You can feel better about this aspect of your switches given that almost all of them have an illuminated design.

Nearby employees will be able to easily spot these safety situations. You'll certainly need this illuminated design if parts of your work site aren't well lit. The illuminated switch will shine bright in the darkness, so everyone knows where to go in times of an emergency equipment or machine situation. 

User Friendly Operation

One of the most important features of emergency stop-and-start switches is their user friendly design. You don't have to be a tech savant or have a long history using these switches because of complicated controls.

The moment an emergency situation arises and you know that this switch needs to be used, you can simply press the illuminated button once. The machinery coordinated with the button will cease working all together. Once you address the situation and make sure everything and everyone is clear, you can press the button again and the machinery will resume working normally. It's that easy. 

Having an inherently dangerous work site doesn't have to keep you or your employees up at night with anxiety. You simply need to invest in the right safety equipment, such as emergency stop-and-start controls. Devices like this will help you prevent unnecessary accidents. 


28 August 2019