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Things To Check For When Conducting An Inspection Of Your Pallet Racks


Pallet racks are a great way to take back control of your warehouse. You can easily stack heavy items up to the ceiling while maintaining a safe environment for your employees and extra room throughout the warehouse floor. But if you want your pallet racks to hold up over time, a regular safety inspection is key. Here are a few things to check up on when it comes to your safety racks.

Physical Damage Should Be Corrected Immediately

Hopefully, all of your employees know that any impact made against a pallet rack by warehouse equipment such as a motorized lift should be reported to management immediately. Physical damage to a pallet rack risk causing destabilization to the entire structure. When walking the floor during a safety inspection, examine each pallet rack support closely for any signs of wear and tear or physical damage.

Proper Alignment and Level

As you walk the floor inspecting your pallet racks, stop in front of each one and look directly upwards. Each rack rising up towards the ceiling should be perfectly aligned and level with those underneath it. If your racks are bumped into, this could cause the alignment to fall out of sorts, even if there is no obvious physical damage. A misaligned pallet rack is a disaster waiting to happen. The next time you put a heavy item up near the top of a misaligned rack, the extra weight and lack of support might be enough to bring the entire thing down. Don't let this happen to you.

Check Weight Capacity

The manufacturer of your pallet racks should let you know exactly how much weight each rack can hold in total. During your safety inspections, you should conduct an audit to make sure none of the pallet racks are being overloaded. You should have a general idea of how much your merchandise or inventory weighs. Pick a pallet rack and come up with an estimate for how much weight is currently sitting on it and compare this number against the rack's total capacity. If you notice a problem, you'll need to not only correct it but then also check your additional racks as well. Overloading your rack is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Pallet racks are designed to last a long time but only if they are properly taken care of. If during your safety inspection you notice significant issues with your existing racks, reach out to a supplier of pallet racks today to get new ones installed. 


4 May 2019