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Conserve Your Energy With Borescope Inspections


No one will argue that aircraft maintenance is unimportant, but there is a point where you have to decide that extra work may be a waste of energy. For example, verifying a false positive from a compression test is one of these situations. When a compression test indicates that there is something wrong with the cylinders in an engine, you need to do a second test to verify it and see what exactly is causing the bad result. But that often leads to too much extra time, and effort spent only to find that the test itself was bad. This is where borescopes come in.

Visual Confirmation

When a cylinder fails a compression test, you have to look at the cylinder. Previously, that meant removing parts to reach the cylinder and dragging it out. If the compression test result was a false positive, that meant that you just wasted time. With a borescope, though, you can poke around and look for visual confirmation with less work. If the scope shows something may actually be wrong, then you can start dismantling things. If the scope shows nothing, then you can try the compression test again after waiting a bit.

Conference Confirmation

Borescope inspections typically include video reports. If you have to take apart a plane to visually confirm a bad cylinder report, the only people who will see everything are those who are standing there with you as you do the work -- and even they can't see everything. And if you want to film the cylinders, you have to stop what you're working on and spend a few minutes aiming a camera at everything. But with a scope, the results can be streamed to people in remote offices as you do the work, and they can see exactly what you see on the scope, too.

Frame and Angle Help

Borescopes can also help confirm problems with frame construction and with damage reports. The angle controls on a scope -- especially if the scope head can rotate back at sharp angles -- give you a much better view of what has happened all around the area you're looking at, including behind parts that are a bear to remove.

If you want your plane to undergo the best maintenance possible, you need to find an aviation mechanic who uses a borescope. There's nothing wrong with also wanting more traditional tests, but that scope will save you so much time and effort that it would be unthinkable to not want that service. For more information, contact your local borescope services.


25 June 2018