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When it comes to creating a superior product, the quality of the supplies you are using is crucial to your success. I started thinking carefully about which supplies companies were using to create products a few years ago, and I learned a lot about the process. After evaluating a wide range of different businesses, I now consider myself an industrial equipment enthusiast, and I love to learn more about the process each and every day. This blog is all about creating a better product by working with the right suppliers, being careful with your processes, and avoiding manufacturing problems in the long haul.

What You Need To Know When Selecting A Pump To Move Fluids


Pumping liquid from one place to another is not difficult right? You just need a pump. But that is not always true, and the right kind of pump can make all the difference in the world. If you use the wrong pump, you can destroy the pump and potential put yourself and others at risk if you have a failure of the pump. If you don't know what you need for your application, check with your local home supply store or other places pumps might be sold before trying to pump anything.

What Are You Pumping?

Before you start pumping anything, it is important to determine what you want the pump to do. If the pump is only designed for water and its low viscosity, pumping oil or other heavy liquids through the pump might be damaging it. Check the rating for the pump and talk to the salesperson that is helping you to get a better idea what the pump was designed to do. There are pumps out there that can pump several different things and one may better fit your needs.

Submersible Or Not

Depending on the location you need or have available for your pump, a submerged pump might be the best option, Not all pumps can be placed inside the tank, but if yours can, it is a good way to save some space. Along with that, they tend to stay primed much easier because they are less likely to drain unless you set them up too. Often water wells are placed inside the well under the water line and remain there for years.

Pumping Heavy Liquids

If you are dealing with oil or a liquid that has a higher viscosity, the pump you choose has to have a strong enough motor to handle the load. A light oil might not matter but heavy oil or instance, needs to be pushed pretty hard and if the pump is not up to the task, it could cause the pump to stop working altogether. So check with the pump manufacturer or the salesperson where you bought the pump if you need help.

Safety Considerations

Some liquids that are moved through a pipeline and pump need to have safeguards in place to keep the pump from starting a fire. In the case of fuel or cleaning solvents, a hand pump is a good way to keep the electricity out of the equation. Air driven pumps are also a good option, but both of these are typically used to get the liquid out of a barrel or other holding tank. Spark free electric pumps are also available if you need them but can sometimes be more expensive to buy.

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21 April 2018