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When it comes to creating a superior product, the quality of the supplies you are using is crucial to your success. I started thinking carefully about which supplies companies were using to create products a few years ago, and I learned a lot about the process. After evaluating a wide range of different businesses, I now consider myself an industrial equipment enthusiast, and I love to learn more about the process each and every day. This blog is all about creating a better product by working with the right suppliers, being careful with your processes, and avoiding manufacturing problems in the long haul.

Features To Look For In A Good Quality AC Current Switch


Whether you need AC current switches at home in your garage to control current to a specific piece of equipment or you need several in your industrial facility, not skimping and opting for the best you can find is a really good idea. AC current switches serve the valuable purpose of transferring or interrupting current automatically when you need to shut down the flow of electrical power to something immediately, and there are a lot of good ones on the market. However, the lower quality current switches can be a little less reliable. Here's a look at some of the features to look for in an AC current switch that is top quality. 

The switch has an LED indicator light to show when current is connected. 

Being able to visibly see that there is or is not an electrical connection in a split second can be really important in some situations. Therefore, having an LED indicator light on the switch is extremely beneficial, but not all AC current switches have an indicator light. The top models will have an indicator light situated right on top that either comes on when there is contact or changes from red to green as the current connects and disconnects. 

The switch has built-in mounting feet for secure and stable installation. 

If you pick up a cheaper AC current switch, you will oftentimes be left to your own devices to get the thing seated on a wall, on the floor, or otherwise in a sturdy position because it will not have mounting feet. Look for AC switches that have integrated mounting feet on the base with pre-drilled screw holes to use during installation. These AC current switches with built-in mounting feet will make it a lot more simple to position the switch in an area where it is accessible and stably installed. 

The switch has a self-powered design, so it is easy to install. 

AC current switches can either be connected to an outside power source, or they can be self-powered. You will notice that the higher quality brands will most often be self-powered because this is the preference and the most logical build regardless of the setting where the current switch will be used. A self-powered switch is much easier to install, easier to operate, and will likely see a lot fewer problems with power supplication after it is in place and in use.  


7 April 2018