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Tips For Caring For Your Thermal Printer


A thermal printer can be a device that is essential to the functioning of many businesses; however, there are business owners that will fail to follow the recommended maintenance guidelines when it concerns these devices. This can have a number of unintended consequences that may shorten the lifespan of your thermal printers, or lead to unusual performance problems.

Be Mindful Of Where You Place The Printer

Where you place your thermal transfer printer can be a very important decision. Many businesses will have areas that experience extreme temperatures or high humidity levels; these factors can gradually cause the thermal printer's interior components to degrade. This can be due to the humidity causing condensation to form on the interior of the printer, or the heat warping sensitive components. Ideally, these printers should be placed in a location that will be kept at a steady, moderate temperature with low humidity.

Clean The Thermal Printer Regularly

Over the course of time, your thermal printer can become rather dirty. As dirt gathers on the exterior of the printer, it may start to work its way deeper into the unit. A thermal printer will have numerous moving parts, and dirt may be able to clog or otherwise interfere with the movement of these components. It can also be possible for these materials to get on the print heads, which can severely compromise the quality of the image produced by the thermal printer. When cleaning the printer, you should use a cloth that is damp with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt and dust that may be present. By performing this maintenance every couple of weeks, you can prevent these materials from being able to cause problems for the printer.

Protect The Thermal Printer Against Electrical Surges

A thermal printer can be an expensive piece of equipment. Not surprisingly, most business managers will want to ensure that this device will last for as long as possible before needing to be replaced. Regretfully, it can be possible for a powerful electrical surge to occur in your building; this surge can instantly damage or destroy your thermal printer. To prevent this type of damage, you must keep the printer connected to a surge suppressor, as this will intercept any electrical surges before they can reach the sensitive components of the printer. You might assume that your electrical strip provides protection against surges, but it will have to be clearly labeled as a surge protector rather than simply being a power strip.


14 March 2018