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5 Real Benefits Of Choosing Fiberglass Scaffolding


Whether you own a warehouse, chemical plant, or construction company, scaffolding may be a key part of your business. Without proper understanding, design, and training, this equipment can become costly and dangerous mistakes for you, your company, and your employees. Thankfully, many managers and business owners are seeing the benefits of using fiberglass scaffolding systems. Fiberglass is an innovative material, which can be a bit more expensive upfront, but it will be a worthwhile investment for you and your employees. Here are 5 surprising benefits of choosing fiberglass for your scaffolding equipment that you may not have thought about.


A permanent installation may be required in some instances, but you may need to move your scaffolding periodically for different tasks. Fiberglass is lightweight, meaning it will be easier to move and transport to different areas of your warehouse, plant, or construction site.

The lighter weight will allow you to store the scaffold materials in between uses, as well. This ability to move and store will keep your facilities and construction sites clean, organized, and safe.


The lighter weight of fiberglass also allows for a more versatile function.

If you need to move the scaffolding to help work on stairs, through narrow doorways, above cubicles, or around parking lots and garages,  or to accommodate other obstacles, fiberglass will be easier to move and adjust accordingly.


Fiberglass may be lighter in terms of weight, but it is still one of the strongest materials available.

Recent studies have shown an estimated 72 percent of accidents involving scaffolding occurred due to a worker slipping, an object falling from the scaffold, or the actual support material giving out. While accidents can occur no matter what type of material used, there will be a reduced risk of the fiberglass material giving way and causing a dangerous accident.

Not only does fiberglass meet legal standards and requirements, but the innovative, stronger material exceeds OSHA standards. This ensures the material is right for the safety needs of your business and employees.


Electrical shocks or electrocution from a lightning strike are also stressful factors to consider when choosing a scaffolding material. A traditional metal design may be common, but the material is conducive, which increases your risk of electrical shocks if used around electrical equipment or if used outdoors.

Fiberglass does not conduct electricity, so there is no risk of electrocution. If your workers are using the scaffold outdoors or while utilizing electrical equipment of any sort, make sure to invest in a system made of fiberglass for safety purposes.


Heat, cold, and moisture can affect metal/steel scaffolding over time. Not only will the metal be either incredibly hot or cold, but the temperature changes and accumulation of moisture will cause the scaffolding to corrode and rust. Over time, this corrosion will decrease the function of the scaffold, making it unsafe for you and your workers.

Metal scaffolds used outdoors are susceptible to rust and corrosion. Unfortunately, even metal scaffolds used indoors can begin to rust and corrode over time.

Metal and steel scaffolding used in warehouses and facilities that are not insulated properly or not temperature controlled will also be at risk of rust and corrosion. The rust may take more time to appear, but the corrosion can become dangerous rather quickly.

Whether used outdoors or in a non-climate controlled warehouse or facility, invest in fiberglass to keep you and your employees safe.

Fiberglass may be a larger investment, but it is a smarter decision for you, your business, and your staff. Invest in your company's production and your employee's safety with fiberglass scaffolding. 


2 January 2018