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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Stucco Trim On The Exterior Of Your Home


Stucco could easily be deemed as one of the most desirable forms of exterior cladding among homeowners. Stucco offers a clean, unique appearance for the modern home and is highly resilient to moisture, wind, and other elements. However, to achieve the most solidified stucco cladding, the addition of trim is the best route to take. Even though stucco trim is pretty easy to find and install, it is not as easy as many homeowners expect. Here is a look at some of the common mistakes you should work to avoid when installing stucco trim on your home. 

Mistake: Not choosing to add trim to the right places.

Why? Stucco is often looked at as a comprehensive, one-piece kind of exterior cladding, and in a lot of ways, it is. However, adding trim not only offers aesthetic appeal, it helps finish out the stucco and keep it protected at critical points where moisture can intrude down the road. because of this, it is important that you choose to install trim in the right places. A few places where you should add stucco trim to the exterior of your home include:

  • Around the garage door opening
  • Around the home's windows
  • Around eaves or roof of the house

While trim is optional, adding trim to the right places will completely evolve the home's overall outer appearance. Therefore, great care should be taken to add trim in the right spots. 

Mistake: Going with stucco trim in the exact same color as the stucco siding.

Why? This isn't always a mistake, but you can definitely add more appeal to the home's look by opting for coordinating stucco trim colors. For example, if you have solid white stucco, a contrasting grey trim can really give your home a lot of character. While you could match the trim to the stucco and see the dimensional appeal, picking a slightly different but collaborative trim color can make a huge difference. 

Mistake: Not having the trim installed by a professional. 

Why? There are a lot of forms of stucco trim out there that are marketed as DIY projects that anyone can do. It is true that installing trim can be pretty basic as a DIY task, but it is also true that there is room for error. For example, if you have several windows on your home, adding stucco trim around all of them it can be difficult to achieve a consistent trimmed appearance.  


13 November 2017