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Want To Improve Safety? Benefits Of Using Rubber Hoses With Fittings


If you use a system for your business that transports gasses, chemicals, and liquids, this can be dangerous for you and your employees. To help with this, you can use rubber hoses with fittings instead of metal hoses. Below are some benefits of using these hoses so you can determine if these hoses would work well for your business.

Fittings Fit Perfectly

With a metal hose, it can be difficult to fit the fittings perfectly on the hose. With a rubber hose, however, the fittings are secure and precise so you know there will be no leaks in the hoses. This is much safer for your employees who are handling the devices with the hoses. This also saves time, as if there is any leakage you would have to stop operations to fix the problem.

Easy to Route

If you have to route hoses around, under, over, or through many obstacles, this can make it very difficult with a metal hose. Because a rubber hose is flexible, it is easy to route it any way you wish without worrying about the hose breaking, getting stuck in areas, or simply not reaching the destination.

Resistant to Vibration

As long as you use the proper fittings on your rubber hoses they will have no vibration. Metal hoses, on the other hand, vibrate when they are being used. A hose that constantly vibrates may make it difficult to run certain equipment, and if the hose vibrates up against certain parts it may cause damage to them over a long period of time. No vibration also makes your equipment run much quieter.

More Availability

When you shop for metal hoses, you may find it difficult to find what you need. You will see, however, that there are a variety of rubber hoses immediately available to you. You can also find a wide range of rubber hose types to accommodate different applications. This can save you a lot of time as you would have to order the metal hoses that you need. Being able to purchase the hoses quickly allows you to get your work done immediately instead of waiting for the hoses to come in.

Talk with a hose manufacturer that sells rubber hoses and fittings. They can help you choose the type that would work best for what you will be using them for. This will ensure your business runs smoothly so you can keep your customers happy. 

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19 May 2017