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When it comes to creating a superior product, the quality of the supplies you are using is crucial to your success. I started thinking carefully about which supplies companies were using to create products a few years ago, and I learned a lot about the process. After evaluating a wide range of different businesses, I now consider myself an industrial equipment enthusiast, and I love to learn more about the process each and every day. This blog is all about creating a better product by working with the right suppliers, being careful with your processes, and avoiding manufacturing problems in the long haul.

Renting Commercial Equipment For Your Company Or Job Site


There are a lot of pieces of equipment that you might need for a job but that will only get used on a very limited basis and carry a high price tag. As a contractor, you need to consider the feasibility of owning equipment like this and the impact it may have on your bottom line if you just go out and buy it. There are options that can help.

Renting Versus Buying

Many times a piece of equipment is expensive and may be only used on very rare occasions. If you can not complete the work without it, you will need to decide what the best option for your business is. Renting equipment like this can be a viable option if it is available in your area. The cost to rent it will be much lower than buying it and the upkeep is eliminated from the equation.

Just be sure that when you rent the equipment, you work with a company that keeps equipment in good operating condition and is willing to deal with breakdowns if needed. Renting something that does not work properly is never helpful and could cause expensive delays in a project.

Equipment To Consider Renting

Often the types of equipment that you will want to consider renting will be things that you don't use every day in your business. Jackhammers, ditching machines, or maybe a concrete saw could be on that list. You can often add the cost of the rental into the job price and offset it, but if you get into the job and then find you need to rent an expensive machine, you could be on the hook for the cost so try to plan ahead when considering these rentals.

Long Term Rentals or Leases

When you reach a point that you need to rent the same equipment over and over but still don't have the resources or want to spend the money on a purchase, you could consider leasing the equipment on a long-term contract. You may need to seek out a specialty dealer that works with these type of leases but financially it may benefit your company to look at this option. If you do consider this option, try to find a dealer that will provide service on the equipment and warranty it against breakdowns during the lease period. Since you will not own the equipment outright, you may need to deal with service like oil changes but breakdowns and repairs will need to be defined in your contract.

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24 April 2017