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Focus On These Elements When Doing Pallet Racking Setup For Your Busiest Season


An expanding business can be thrilling, especially when you're going into the busiest season of the year. To prepare for the busy months ahead, you might have gone ahead and ordered a lot more inventory to accommodate your customers; you might have forgotten to consider your increased pallet racking requirements, however. To best protect your items and the people that work for you, focus on these elements.

Load Limits

You may think that the industrial racks you've got can withstand the loads you're planning to put on them, but there are indeed limits that need to be noticed. A small plaque detailing the maximum weight allowed could be screwed into the racks themselves, or you might see the load limit etched into each rack. If you can't find any sign of what the limit could be, contact a vendor or distributor nearby who can advise you or help you locate the manufacturer's guidelines. Ensure that every employee knows about load limits; this is especially important if you are hiring seasonal workers that will only be with you until the busy season ends. When everyone agrees not to overload the racks, there shouldn't be a problem.

Aisle Width

If you've made the decision to buy additional new racks to allow for more products in your warehouse, that can help you observe load limits, but they might present a new problem if you're not careful. You need to remember to keep aisles between racks wide enough so that employees can pull out products if necessary and machines can transport large boxes to their rightful place. When your new pallet racks arrive, ensure you're not packing them in too close to the others.

Pallet Protectors

Once you've gotten everything else settled, you need to think about protecting the floor racks from being scuffed up and banged into by the machines you and your employees use to do your work. Constant dings and bumps can lead to more significant problems later that could lead to product shipment delays, so it's wise to invest in a few post protectors that will stop pickers and forklifts from directly touching the floor racks. You may opt to get more than you imagine you'll need, as the protectors themselves might get damaged and require replacement.

Your busy season can be handled more effectively when you take care of your pallet racks. Work with your employees to ensure your system is a good one. Visit or a similar site for more information.


8 April 2017